Co.Ri Sacchettificio

Our customers come first

Meeting the expectations of our customers is at the core of our effort: this is why we constantly strive to perfect the range and quality of the services we provide.


The research of raw materials

One of our main strengths: constant research and sourcing of textiles that meet the current fashion trends, as well as the demands of our customers. We take particular care in sourcing sustainable materials, such as organic and recycled fabrics.


Design and sampling

We help our customers through every step of the sampling process, from the choice of the shape, seams and material to the positioning the logo. Once the first draft is approved, we proceed to create the actual sample.

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We are able to produce on a large-scale basis while keeping the highest qualitative standards.


Stocks and worldwide distribution

Our newly renovated plant allows for large stocks of finished product, ready to be shipped worldwide.