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Every stage of the production process

We take care of every stage of the production process: from the selection of the materials to the design of the final product, from the positioning of the logo to the sampling and the actual manufacturing. Our newly renovated plant in Calenzano, on the outskirts of Florence, comprises the following departments: cutting, printing, sewing and sampling, quality control, packaging and shipping.



Fabric cutting is performed by automatic and semi-automatic cutting lines.



We perform a wide range of printing techniques: from serigraphy to digital printing, thermal printing, transfer printing and relief printing.



Our range of sewing machines – linear, two-needle, overlock and zig-zag – allow us to create dust bags of every shape and size.



As well as constantly sourcing new materials, our sampling department takes care of the initial design, the logo development and its positioning, thus giving shape to the overall design of the dust bag.


Raw materials

The demands of our customers are our main source of inspiration, as well as representing an invaluable impulse towards the sourcing of new materials. Raw materials are selected among a wide range of textiles, such as cotton, linen, synthetic and TNT fabrics, both in standard and customized colors. Particular importance is given to eco-friendly materials such as recycled and organic fabrics (as certified by the Global Recycle Standard and Global Organic Recycled Standard, respectively). Social and environmental sustainability are key pillars of our corporate ethics; in this regard, we endeavor to provide our customers with raw materials that reflect the values we stand by.



Our highly skilled personnel and cutting-edge machineries enable us to produce on a large-scale basis while maintaining high-quality standards and competitive prices. Every stage of the production is a key step towards a carefully crafted finished product, down to the finest details.

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Quality control

Every stage of the production process is closely monitored: quality control checks are routinely carried out by all our personnel, and in particular by our appointed staff in the quality control department. In 2021, our company obtained the ISO9001 certification: for over thirty years, attention to detail and high-quality standards have been our stamp of trustworthiness.



Thanks to an optimized logistical process, we are able to offer a fast and reliable service. The size of our plant – over 7,000 square metres, of which 3,500 indoor – allows for large stocks that are then shipped worldwide.